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Business Resource Group

Philosophy and Mission

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Business Resource Group Midwest Philosophy and Mission 

Empowers business owners in two primary ways:

1.  We provide you with accurate and timely financial information, allowing the business owner to proactively make a decision moving his/her business toward pre-determined goals.

2.  We provide you, the business owner, more time to devote to running your business and allow you more time to spend with family and friends.

Business Resource Group Midwest does this by providing bookkeeping and payroll services to small business owners throughout the region. Business owners strongly dislike the blizzard of paperwork that shows up on their desks every month; they avoid dealing with it. BRG can take this off their TO DO list, freeing them to spend their time in a way that is productive and enjoyable. We help the business owners operate his/her business with a clear understanding of where he/she is financially. We help business owners set goals and implement plans to achieve those goals.

Knowledge is POWER, and we want you to have the KNOWLEDGE you need, when you need it. This is a powerful tool in the hand of a savvy business owner. With timely and accurate financial statements in hand and an accounting professional to help you interpret what your business is telling you, you are poised to set yourself apart from the competition and ensure your portion of the market share.

Our focus is you and your success!!

Our Promise to keep your information Confidential and Private

Business Resource Group Midwest places the highest priority on the security and privacy of your data and sensitive personal and financial information.  As business professionals, we understand the significance that privacy and confidentiality.

Here are a few things that we do to address your security concerns:

  • We sign a Confidentiality Agreement with you
  • Each staff person has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • The access to our facility is restricted to authorized staff
  • Our staff are thoroughly screened and hired only through referrals